Ric Peterson brings his legendary wit and humor to the Let Freedom Fly International Airshow

If you have not experienced the incredible wit, outrageous humor and limitless energy that Ric Peterson brings to an airshow, you are in for a great ride at this year's Let Freedom Fly International Airshow! Ric is an accomplished airshow announcer and award-winning broadcast journalist, recognized as an incredible talent in the aviation community. With over 30 years of experience as a voice-over artist, radio and TV host, Ric has become a prominent figure in the world of airshows. If you want to get a taste of what Ric brings to the show, listen in to his Show Center The Airshow Podcast (linked below!) where he co-hosts alongside fellow airshow talents Rob Reider and Matt Jolley in an unpredictable romp of airshow goodness, sharing experiences, celebrity interviews, and side-splitting anecdotes. Oh, and if you happen to see Ric boarding a commercial flight you happen to be on, you might want to get off... his misadventures in air travel are legendary...😆


Ric’s influence is a global phenomenon. His distinctive voice and captivating narration have made him the go-to announcer for major events, including Fleet Week San Francisco, the Los Angeles County Airshow, The Canadian National International Air Show in Toronto, Friendship Day at MCAS Iwakuni in Japan, and the prestigious Sanicole Airshow in Belgium.

He is also a regular emcee at the annual International Council of Airshows (ICAS) Convention each year in Las Vegas, NV. His unpredictable style and rare sense of comedic timing make his hosted awards banquets and education sessions some of the most popular and well-attended of the event.

Ric’s passion for aviation extends beyond his announcing duties; he is an Honorary Member of the Snowbirds Jet Demonstration team, a testament to his deep connection and contribution to the airshow community. His expertise and enthusiasm for aviation make him the perfect choice to be at the helm of the Let Freedom Fly International Airshow on May 25-26, 2024. With a career marked by excellence, Ric Peterson continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide with his exceptional talents and love for the skies.

As if his chops at the mic weren’t enough, Ric also is an incredible video producer. Known worldwide for his “Sizzle Reels”, he transfers his keen eye for entertainment and excitement into short promo reels that get your blood pumping and ready for the show! You can check out his latest ICAS Sizzle Reel by clicking HERE.


As we mentioned above, Ric co-hosts SHOW CENTER: The Airshow Podcast, an outrageous insight into the world of airshows from the perspective of three of its most prolific announcers. CLICK HERE to listen in on the fun from this selection of their broadcasts.